Mickey Mouse Coloring Pages

mickey-mouseMickey Mouse is considered to be the most funny among the cartoon characters. Started back in 1928, the cartoon character has established itself as one of most cutest and innocent cartoon characters of all times and the most admired cartoon out of all Walt Disney Characters. Mickey Mouse has been able to acquire so much interest of the children that after more then 9 decades , even today , its still the most popular cartoon characters.

Due to its popularity , Mickey Mouse can be seen in different children festivals , shows, fast food restaurants, school events and other social activities of children and gets maximum attention from them. Along with Mickey Mouse , a female character Mini Mouse also appears as his girl friend and their romantic appearance is not only liked by children but also by adults. Due to its massive popularity , Mickey Mouse has been nominated nine times for Academic Awards. In order to bring some change in the consistent characteristic of Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney is now changing the overall personality characteristics of it and changing it from more of a Cheerful character to adventure loving and fast moving character.

Micky Mouse character is one of the most demanded when it come to coloring pages and coloring sheets online. Children love to color in Mickey Mouse coloring pages . As being a funny cartoon character , coloring becomes fun and entertaining with Mickey Mouse Coloring pages.  Specially children from kindergarten and early classes would find out our selection of Mickey Mouse Coloring Sheets as an interesting activity in class room and school. Though any color can be used as per liking and interest, yet a dark color combination in the back ground and light color selection in cartoon will bring more life in Coloring pages. other then this segment , you would also love to have a look at other segments in our collection like Pink Panther Coloring pages and Tom and Jerry Coloring page. You can have a good time enjoying the coloring while don’t forget to give your feed back regarding our coloring pages selection.


Mickey Mouse playing Football





















Mickey and Mini Mouse





























Mickey Mouse with Flowers






















Mickey Mouse




















Mickey Mouse Happy








































































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