Monkey Coloring Pages

monkeyMonkey and Monkey coloring pages are among the most favorite of children , however lets have a look at your favorite animal and its activities before we start making the Monkey pages colorful. Monkey is an animal that resembles too much with the human beings and different human theories describe that monkeys have strong psychological and emotional feelings which they often show and often look very much identical to human beings in their activities. Monkeys have different species and they have different shapes and colors which makes them one of the most diversified animal on the earth. According to one estimate , there are more then 260 species of monkey on earth.  Monkeys have long tail and their physical structure is almost identical to human beings which includes two hand and  tow feet while the other body parts , too are just like a human being.

Monkeys are active animals . if a monkey is healthy , you would find him jumping from one tree to other whole day long and they don’t get tired with this activity. Monkey eats almost every thing. From vegetable to fruits and even garbage hence he does not have to wait much in search of food. For monkey’s in zoo, the food issue is not a big deal as they have so many children visitors offering them different delicious food all the day.

Due to its cute activities , children develop a very strong affection towards monkeys and show a lot of interest in watching monkey cartoons and coloring in monkey coloring pages. on school activity board, and in children bed room ,you would often see colored pages of monkey by kids which shows their immense interest in the animal. As we are talking about animals , feel free to visit our animal coloring pages section which includes cute pictures of different animals for your interest and amusement.


Cute Monkey



















Having Lunch





















Happy Monkey



























playing on Trees
















Baby Monkey



















Shy Monkey Friends


















Monkeys in Jungle



























Monkey Clinging on Tail
























thin Monkey





















Baby Monkey







































































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