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Many cartoon characters we find on the television are not created and have got fame over years, but decades. Behind them, there has been genius ideas and over the year the ideas has been given strength by new innovations, computer technologies, better animations , scripting etc. our today’s session deals with Winnie the pooh coloring pages, however before we begin with the activity, lets have a little glance at the out look of the character and see how many phases it passed through over decades.

Winnie the pooh started back in 1928 and its creator was A.A.Milne , who ,under the inspiration of an adopted bear by his son, gave character the name Winnie the pooh. Started since the last eight decades, the cartoon series has managed to get attention of children and teenagers and in the presence of mighty characters like Pink Panther, Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny and Tom and Jerry has managed to acquire fame among children.

The basic reason behind the fame of Winnie the pooh , is the cute and innocent nature of the character bear. The bear has been designed so precisely that in the first glimpse children felt obsessed by it and want to see more and more of it. The increasing popularity of the cartoon can be observed by children’s demand for Winnie the Pooh coloring pages and sheets. the coloring pages are in demand all over the web and one of the most demanded activities by children, not only in class room but in school as well. In this session we have tried to provide you some exquisitely designed Winnie the pooh coloring pages to bring more life in your coloring experience. Though, not a hard and fast role but keeping in view the cute and innocent nature of the character, it is advised that light colors may be used in character which will further enhance the cuteness of the character. While enjoying Winnie the pooh coloring pages, also take some time and visit some of other coloring pages segments. You will feel extremely overjoyed while having a look at Dinosaur coloring pages and Barbie coloring pages specially build for children of Kindergarten.


Winnie the warrior































Winnie in Love






























Winnie Busy























Winnie with umbrella



























Winnie Enjoying Dance


























Winnie playing in Garden


























Winnie Digging
























Winnie in wonder




























Winnie in Garden


















Winnie watering

















Winnie with Friends






















Winnie with Butterfly




























































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