Printable Panda coloring pages for cute Kids

panda-survivalCute, innocent,  and friendly are the words associated with panda. As these attributes are also common in children as well, hence their common qualities made children like panda a lot. It is one of their most favorite animals and besides watching the panda cartoons like Kung fu panda and others, they also love to color in Panda coloring pages and  like to watch panda pictures. In this section we have brought some very interesting panda coloring pages and pictures for children to utilize and keep in their collection, however it is strongly suggested for every child that before starting the coloring activity, first they must go through the topic detail at least at basic level. This detail increase their information towards any particular topic and more information make them more comfortable and confident in their lives.

The origin of panda is central and south western areas of china, however  pandas are found through out the world in different areas. The overall population of the panda is in danger and according to different survey’s conducted it has been reported that no more then 2000-3000 estimated panda’s have left on the planet at the moment. If considerable efforts will not be made in order to retain and multiply the species life, soon this animal will loose its existence from the planet.

Panda has a very cute , round shaped sort of out look consisting of black and white shades mostly. The psychological behavior of panda is very interesting. It live to live alone in the mountain area’s and trained right from the beginning of their life to climb on mountains. Its physical structure is such that it starts rolling even if fell from a particular height which saves it from getting massively hurt. Panda eats every green thing ,but often loves to eat leaves , grass and other greenery , hence living in jungle, satisfying the hunger needs is not a big issue for the panda.

You will be overjoyed to color in Panda coloring pages, however you would also feel elated by having a look at other sections on our site like Birds pictures and Butterfly images. Do feel free to give comments on our Contact Us page.


Panda on Tree




























Panda lying on Ground













P for Panda


























Panda Eating food






















panda on walk














Sweet and cute panda




















Panda sitting














Cute Panda



















Twin Panda
















Panda with Branch of Tree






















panda on Tree












































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