Bugs Bunny Coloring Pages

Bugs-bunnyAmongst other major cartoon series of Disney World like Mickey Mouse and Tom and Jerry , Bugs Bunny has also been an innovation of 1940’s. the cartoon character comes from the family of Loony Tunes and revolves around the character of an intelligent, energetic hare who is active enough to deal with all the naughty tricks of his rivals yet keeps on making their life miserable. He loves to eat carrots but at the same time does understand that his rivals may use this liking of his as a tool to capture him. So he stays vigilant from different tactics of his rivals and eventually stays victorious.

In 1945, Bugs Bunny series was awarded as the most demanded and popular cartoon series in USA and Canada and till day it has not lost its importance and still is one of the most popular series not only in U.S. but through out the world.

Besides watching the cartoon on Tv, for Children, one of the most interesting activities is to fill in Bugs Bunny Coloring Pages. Most often you will find the character holding carrot in the hand which makes it more colorful. In Today’s collection of Bugs Bunny Coloring Pages, you will find some of the most interesting and cute pictures you would have ever seen. So do enjoy the coloring in pages while at the same time don’t forget to visit our Cartoon Coloring Pages segment where your will find many cute and decent pictures in Pink Panther series and Tom and Jerry Coloring Pages segment.