Father’s Day Coloring Pages

fathers-dayBefore introducing the kids to Father’s day coloring pages , we would first like to bring some of the facts and figures related to Father Day. In response to the Mother day celebrations and keeping a balance between male and female authority, for the very first time, Father day was celebrated in West Virginia on 5th of July, 1908 and the driving force behind the event was surprisingly not a man but a women. Mrs Grace initiated the day in the memory of more then two hundred lost fathers in Monongah mining Disaster. And from that day onwards it is being celebrated every year in United States and other parts of the world. This year, in U.S.  father’s Day will be celebrated on 17th June 2012.

In most of the parts of world, mothers are considered more important in comparison to fathers due to a very close interaction between mother and children. This is also because the child and mother also has a physical  relationship which keeps their bond very solid. Yet we need to analyze the responsibility a male has to bear throughout his life in raising and supporting his children , parents, relatives,  etc. Not only he has to bear the economic pressure and burden but also has to keep a balance between social relations.

The second most important relationship for a children is father. In this section we are providing children with the most beautiful and heart touching Father’s  day coloring pages.  the activity of Coloring in Father’s day coloring pages will not only be a pleasure time pass for children but also give strength to the emotional bond between children and their parents. Children are also advised to visit our other sections like  Dinosaur coloring Pages and  Pink panther coloring pages which will enhance your coloring experience and will the activity more result oriented.