Spider-Man Coloring Pages

spidermanThe character of Spider-man has got its inspiration from  Superman but the difference between both the characters is just that Superman can fly in the air where as Spider-man has the ability of climbing buildings and dealing with all sort of surfaces however combating with the evil is the common characteristic of both heroes.   Spider-man is based on the idea of a young boy, who has got the ability to move here and there just like a  spider. He is a very vigilant and diligent person who has the ability to fight the competitors  and his thinking is as quick as a spider. The most important feature of the character is its ability to cling on straight buildings and different surfaces.

Spider-man has got a lot of popularity among the children of age 10-15 because of the thrill and energy they have . the story of Spider-man originates when a normal teenage boy starts feeling some thing different about himself and feels that his body released a  particular sort of wire just like a spider which he can use to climb buildings and also finds that he has got immense power to deal with evil forces.

As being the most likely character , children demanded the creation of Spider-man Coloring pages to satisfy their entertainment requirements. Spider-man wears a colorful red and dark blue dress and same should be used while children are coloring in Spider-man Coloring pages. In our collection of Free Coloring pages , you would also find Barbie Coloring pages and Car coloring pages to meet interest level of kids and make coloring an educational experience.