Transportation dot to dot pages.

transportionTransport and Transportation are one of the most important requirements for the human beings. In old ages when there was no concept of planes, cars, truck, motor bikes and bikes, the Transportation from one place to other was very difficult. Often animals like horse, donkey etc were used however they only were able to transfer a limited amount of stuff from one place to the other. Since the invention of engines , and production of vehicles , the life of human beings and animals have become easy. Now a days the journey which took months in old ages can be done in hours with the help of planes, heavy duty loader and trucks are available to deliver any thing , any where and at any time. Cars have made movement very easy not only city to city but also town to town.

Since in this session we are providing kids with Transportation dot to dot pictures , it would be ideal to see the concept of Transport with the eye of a child to see how he feels about vehicles . from the beginning of the child hood , a child develop a strong relationship with vehicles. In most of the cases , there are boys who develop more inclination towards different vehicles then girls. While girls are most concern with dolls like Barbie and Bratz , boys are often more interested in toys of trucks, cars, bulldozers etc and eventually it is boys, who, when get older drive all these vehicles for fun and entertainment.

The purpose here for providing Transportation dot to dot pictures and images is to bring the creativity of children out with the help of something they are massively interested in.  practicing on drawing with the help of dots and merging them together basically provides a child with a path of creative drawing. While doing the activity they start to learn the basics of drawing , and after some time ,themselves become amply trained to draw pictures without any further help. In the Transportation dot to dot segment we are providing children an opportunity to complete the drawing pictures of different transportation vehicles and tools. We hope that the collection given here will prove beneficial for children. Children are also advised to to fill colors in these pages after the completion of picture and share with parents at home and class mates in school. You would also feel excited by visiting our dog dot to dot segment where you can find cute collection of dogs pictures ready to be used for children. so do give us your feed back on Contact Us page, which will help use in improving our collections.

Printable Rabbit Coloring pages

rabbit-pictureRabbits are cute and innocent mammals and get special attention of the children due to their cute nature, there are multiple kinds of rabbits, whoever out of them 13 kinds are most common. Rabbits have different colors and shades however, the most prominent and apparent color is white. In this session for kids, we have designed cute Rabbit coloring pages which children can use in school and share them with friend.

Rabbits live in under ground holes which they themselves dig and at times, they dig it so deep that finding the end of it becomes difficult. Rabbits population increases very rapidly and females rabbits have a lot of potential regarding baby birth. Its one of the most peace loving animals and live in the form of community. Rabbits have a lot of intimacy and affection within their community. Unlike other animals fighting to food with each other, they never get involved in any offensive activity; rather support each other in whatever respect they can.

Rabbits rely on land generated food like grass and other things grown on land. Their generation mostly nourishes and flourishes it kept in rural and country side area. Here under you will find some of those Rabbit  coloring pages, which have been demanded by kids due to their  cute nature . you may use multiple colors or single colors in the characters to see which coloring combination can prove to be more beautiful and captivating. In addition to this segment, also feel free to wander around different sections like Kitten Sheets and Duck coloring pages to find pages of your interest. We value your feed back a lot , in order to improve our collection of coloring pages, you may give your comments on Contact Us Page.

Printable Fall Coloring Pages for Kids

fallAs we are going to introduce kids with Fall coloring pages in this session and will provide them  with some of the most demanded  free coloring pages, it would however, be essential to have some information  before we start the coloring activity. Having some basic information about the undertaken activity is very beneficial so far as kid’s education and training is concern. The information they get in the initial life , stay fresh in their mind for ever and it also widens their experience.  Having said so, lets see what the season of fall is all about. Fall , also known as Autumn is the season when leaves from the trees start to fell down and most of the trees are left with only the branches on. Every season has it’s own specialties . Most of the people like Spring because of its freshness, colorfulness and moderate weather. However other seasons too, have their own significance and properties associated with them.

In different parts of the world , the season of fall comes in different times of year, however, mostly it arrives from September to October lasting around two months time . the weather however, remains pleasant during the season. The interest of children in fall and Fall coloring pages lies in it’s different and interesting  coloring  scheme.  The colors you find in this season are mostly brown and muddy. Leaves fallen from the tress have different shadows. Some of the leaves you would see are still green , some are yellow and green as they start loosing life and some of them would be mud colored showing the total loss of life from them. The combination of the three make a very colorful combination which is unique in its nature and in no other capacity you would find such a mixture and diversity of color.

Doing the coloring activity with seasonal pages, make children more aware of seasonal changes and attributes, Fall coloring pages here present the overall  picture of the season. While doing the coloring activity , children will also get the exposure about the fall season.  While you enjoy doing color in Fall coloring pages, also take some time to visit other collection in Spring coloring pages and Winter coloring pages which will further enhance your coloring experience.

My little Pony Coloring Pages

my-little-ponypony is a kind of horse with lower height and some long hair on the neck. However, the difference between a horse an pony is that horses get high in height and size , while ponies, though being aged enough ,remain short heighted and their bodies remain heavy . Our today’s coloring activity comprise of coloring with My little pony coloring pages. My little pony is a brand of toy horses mostly making stylish and colorful ponies for the interest of children.

Children often love those toy’s with whom cuteness and innocence is associated, for instance they would like Teddy bears, Kitten toys, puppies and Smurf toys . Most of the mentioned toys are meant for boys, girls however, love to have dolls etc in their collections. My little pony has been specially designed keeping in view the psychology and liking of girls with age below 10 years.

My little pony has been designed in different ways. A human touch has also been given to the toy. When any person puts a glance over the toy, immediately a human-animal concept comes in the mind. A horse with silky silver or golden hair, applying lipstick and giving different female gestures is what My little pony is all about. Due to its different nature and character , the  toys have got immense popularity in U.S and girls of young age often look forward for the new models  on the toy in markets.

Considering the love of our female fans, we have included a collection of cute , funny and exciting My little pony coloring pages for the unique experience of coloring for children. Though you would find this section one of the most exciting ones yet feel free to have a look at some of other collections like Dinosaur and Tinkerbell coloring pages. we always welcome your suggestions and feed back so feel free to provide us your feed back on contact us page.

Ariel Coloring pages

arielAriel is a fictional character and first of all was invented by Alexander pope in his famous poem which got immense popularity among the public masses. As we will be doing coloring activity with Ariel coloring  pages today, it will be beneficial to have a look at the character of Ariel as most of the children do have the coloring experience with Ariel coloring pages, yet they don’t have any real information about the history of the character. In the poem ,Alexander pope described Ariel as a sylph who has been given responsibility to save a beautiful lady from one lord of that time. Though there had been many sylphs but Ariel was given the responsibility for being the protector because of her vigilance and diligence.

Ariel was so vigilant that from some sources she managed to get the information that the girl whom she were to protect will be facing some severe circumstances before the end of the day.  Conceiving the massage from divine sources, Ariel tries her level best to save her from every body . she stays around her but eventually the lord was able to cut one lock from the head of lady whom she was protecting.

The over all story of the poem is very interesting but children can not understand the complex English used in the poem. All they can do is to enjoy coloring with Ariel coloring pages not only in school but also at home. Here we have provided a unique collection of free Ariel coloring pages and sheets for interest and enjoyment. Children can utilize these  pages  in multiple ways and could color multiple copies and compare them with each other to have a better understanding of coloring effects. Also visit our segments like Dinosaur Coloring pages and Hello Kitty to enhance coloring experience.

Love Coloring Pages

LoveLove is a word now-a- days, mostly associated with the relationship between a male and female , who are most often in involvement with each other , as a result of which they may get married, spend time  together and build a family. Having a broader look , we may conclude that towards love , this is a very narrow approach. Love is a very wide term spreading over the whole universe and capturing the mind of each and every individual. There can, however , be many forms , in which love may be present in any person , however it is obvious that it persist in every person. In today’s session , we are to do the coloring activity on Love coloring pages however prior to that, lets have a look at different ways people are involved in love.

Every body loves some one or some thing. For a lover, may be his counterpart is the one with whom he is in love. For a student , who has interest in the subject of Study, his subject may eventually become his love. Parents love their children. A mother has strong affection and love towards her children. Love exists every where , not only among human beings but animals as well. You would have definitely observed that animals like hen, monkey, duck have so much love for their children that these do not left them alone even for a while and all the time protects them from any external threats.

There is one question which always arise , how to know either you are in love with some body or not. The answer is simple. See if you care about some body so much that even his small problems make you worry , means you love the one. Again , clear it in the mind , that its not only a relationship between a male and female leading to have romance. Love is a universal term and applies every where.

Here we have provided some exclusively designed coloring pages which elaborates the love at different levels. The purpose behind making them available for kids , is not just  to provide them with a past time, rather it’s an educational activity which brings their creativity up and make them more self confident that’s why, in schools, teachers give a lot of emphasis on coloring classes . Other then Love coloring pages, also take a look at our cute collection of Bird coloring pages, which will further increase your interest in coloring activity.

Rose coloring pages

rose-mainA rose is symbol of beauty, love and affection  and having said ,that in our today’s section of coloring pages, we are presenting beautifully designed Rose coloring pages for kids and teenagers belonging to different age groups. Despite of going in depth about the history of rose and what its different types are, we would rather prefer to discuss its uses in different situations ,occasions and places.

Children love flowers and in flowers, rose stands imminent and prominent. Rose has diversity in its colors. Its color range consist of  white, red, pink, and multi-shading colors and often look extremely  beautiful and mind captivating when glanced together in group either in garden or any where else.

Different rose colors describe different behaviors of human beings towards each other. For instance, white rose represent friendship, while Red rose stands for love between a male and female. Due to extensive rose usage throughout the world and its massive usage in different gatherings, it  is now grown as a crop in different parts of world and has become a massive industry.

One of the special occasions for roses is Valentines day ,where couples from all around the world give each other gifts along with red roses which symbolize their passion and love for each other. Here under, you would find an exclusively designed collection of  Rose coloring pages and sheets which are specially designed to work as preschool coloring pages for those children who have not yet attended the school and most of the time, are staying at home. Rose coloring page are fun to be use as per your interest how ever, try to keep the colors filling as natural as possible. For instance dark red, yellow and white colors would look suitable for the pages while non realistic colors like  blue, green and purple are not suggested. Children can get printout for the printable coloring pages and enjoy experience at home and at school. They can also expand the horizon of their coloring by choosing other coloring pages like Hello Kitty coloring and Ben 10 coloring sheets. So sit back and enjoy coloring while do give your valuable comments to improve quality of pages provided.

Duck coloring pages

DuckDuck belongs to the family of birds because of its large wings however, it does not has the ability to fly in air. Duck is a cute animal and often no aggression whatsoever is associated with it. It’s a peace loving bird and does not intent to harm any one until its own safety and security lay on stake. Here you would find a collection of beautifully designed Duck coloring pages for your interest and unique coloring experience.

For children, they develop an increasing interest in ducks right from the very young age. In comparison to other birds and animals either staying on ground or in air, it spends its time on land and in the waters. It can swim on the surface of the water due to its huge body. Your would have seen that most of the time , a  female duck is accompanies with its babies in the water which also gives a very unique and cute look. A duck is very diverse animal so far as the eating experience is concern. Ducks eat almost every thing in and out of water. It eats grass, bread, water and land insects, plants , fish etc and due to its diverse eating habits, its does not have to face much difficulty in getting food for herself and children.

Duck has many kinds and colors. In different parts of the world, you would find different types of ducks with number of colors and slight difference in their appearance.   Though usually you would find it in white colors however it may be found in dozens of colors through out the world.

Due to interest children take in it , we have given here some of the most beautifully designed Duck coloring pages for the enjoyment in free times of children. We also recommend some related segments including Hello kitty and Animal coloring pages which also will make you happy with your coloring.

Kitten Coloring pages

kittenKitten means an infant cat or a small child of a cat. In today’s session we are to do the coloring activity with Kitten coloring pages. Before starting the coloring , let us have a look at the reason as to why children give a lot of attention towards this animals and what makes it so cute that every child not only love to have a kitten in his house but also wants to play with it all day long.

There are certain animals in the world, who are very much cute in their nature, kitten is one of them. Some animals are cute when they are in initial phase of their lives , but when they grow elder they become massively dangerous brutal animals , bear , lion, etc are the examples. Bear and lion , when infants , seem very cute and loveable animals . you would have watched many pictures of infant lions and bears on the web . They look very cute and innocent but as the time passes , are converted to massively wild animals severely harmful for human existence.

Kitten is an animal which stays cute and harmless through out his life. From kitten, it gets converted into cat , which also is a harmless hence keeping its everlasting cuteness, it can be stated that kitten is a best animals for children to keep as a pet and spend time with. It will bring pleasure in the life of children while at the same time parents will remain tension free that their child is safe.

Coloring in Kitten coloring pages is the most liked and demanded activity in the earlier age of life. Children surf the internet in search of good Kitten coloring pages. keeping in view their demand, here we have provided a very beautiful and cute collection of Kitten coloring pages for the interest and enjoyment of young kids. Other famous segments include Sonic sheets and Superman coloring pages which will also prove beneficial for you.

Pet coloring pages

petInteraction between human beings and animals is as long as their existence. Both have love for each other and human beings have different attitudes towards different animals keeping in view their physical and mental properties. For instance, a person may feel horrified with the thinking of a snake , a lion , bear or any other wild animal while at the same time may feel overjoyed and elated with the thinking of kitten ,Puppy or a panda. This is mainly because of two reason, one the threat associated with wild and dangerous animals and the innocence and cuteness associated with the later.

As we intent to bring some of the most fascinating Pet coloring pages hereunder, lets talk a little about the human-animal interaction so far keeping the pets is concern. The history of keeping pet animals in houses and farms is very old. There can be one or multiple reasons for keeping a pet with you. Some people keep dogs so that they will keep their house safe from any intruders. A dog is also considered to be a faithful animal and it has hardly happened that a dog would have harmed his owner. Kittens and parrots are kept in houses as a symbol of cuteness. Children are often allowed to keep a close coordination with such pets because of no threat of harm from them while at the same time they keep them busy.

For those people who don’t have the problem of limited resources, the idea of maintaining a separate farm house for keeping the pets only is unique. You may have as much animals of your choice, as you want and keep them at a separate place and enjoy their company.

For children, one more activity other then keeping the pets and spending time with them is coloring in Pet coloring pages. they choose pages of their choice and use different colors in them to enhance their creativity. Some people ask how the coloring activity impacts on creativity of a child. The answer is simple. When a child has different options on his panel and can use multiple options for coloring , he definitely first think which color will suit in which part of the coloring pages. by doing so his mind will be struggling to produce the best out of the page. During the process of this mental struggle, the human mind gets more strengthen and attains more endurance towards difficult tasks. Pet coloring pages activity will enhance a child’s ability and will further enhance creativity and exposure of the child. It will also be a healthy activity to go through different coloring segments like Bird coloring pages and Animal coloring pages which will further bring excitement in coloring for kids.