Hello Kitty Coloring Pages

Hello KittyThe concept of Hello Kitty has been designed by Japanese sales company Sanrio. The design was first thought and put on paper by Yuko Shimizu who designed the logo without having any idea how much popularity it will gain in coming times. Hello Kitty was first originated in 1974 in Japan and got so much popularity from its earlier times that now it is conceived as a brand and since 2003 , the companies revenue from Hello Kitty products has crossed the figure of  US$1 Billion.

Though apparently , the character of Hello Kitty seems to be a part of Japanese culture, however, with the passage of time it has got a lot of fame through out the world and become number one choice of children around the globe. Look around yourself and you will soon find a picture of Hello Kitty around. It can be on a bed sheets used in children bed room , hand bags, Sticker, children school bags and every thing which might interest children or grab their attention. In United States , you may also find it on Buses and  planes with the sole purpose to take the attention of children and elders.

Other then cuteness, another aspect associated with Hello Kitty is it’s colorfulness . Children feel crazy about coloring the Hello Kitty coloring pages. In schools , on activity boards you will find nothing but Hello Kitty coloring pages colored beautifully by young kids. It brings so much amusement and joy to children that they never feel satisfied with coloring in Hello Kitty coloring pages and always demand more. Here under you will find the coolest and cutest collection. Besides Hello Kitty coloring pages, you may feel free to browse through our cartoon category where you will admire the collection of Cat coloring pages and Pink Panther coloring pages to satisfy your thirst of coloring and enjoyment.