Alvin and Chipmunks Coloring pages

Alvin-and-chipmunksAlvin and Chipmunks coloring pages are here by presented for the interest and joy of our young children and before you start the coloring activity with your Alvin and Chipmunk coloring pages, you would definitely love to have an insight of what actually your loving character are, from where its history begin and through which evolution it has by today, became one of the most demanded cartoon series of all time.

Basically the concept has came from the animal Squirrel. All the three friends are singers and good singing performers. The whole story revolves around their singing and their naughty, nasty and notorious attitude towards each other. Alvin and Chipmunks series started in 2007 and within one year of its start became one of the most loved cartoon series by the children . though at that time the all time Pink panther series and long established Mickey mouse and Bugs Bunny series were running , yet Alvin and Chipmunks made its debut and proved one of most financially stabilized and liked cartoon series.

Due to its consistently increasing popularity among children and its most colorful nature, Alvin and Chipmunk coloring pages started getting popularity among school going children and even kids of elder age also started liking these coloring pages and pictures. The activity was started to be considered enjoyable and children started coloring in Alvin and Chipmunk coloring pages. Here in today’s segment of Coloring pages and pictures, we have included the most liked and demanded collection for children’s interest. We hope that you would also love to see our other posts like Ninja Turtle coloring pages and Car coloring pages and would like our collection.

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