Dragon Coloring pages

dragon-pictureChildren have different attributes towards coloring, at time you may find them wanting to color cute animal pictures like cats , donkey, horse etc, while on the other hand they also want to do some horrific stuff like coloring in Dragon coloring pages which also satisfy their instinct and they enjoy a lot doing stuff like this. Dragon has a lot of importance in different cultures, specially in Chinese, Japanese culture, Dragon has been given a lot of importance. It also plays an important role in old folk stories and cultures. In many cultures it has been given so much importance that on main roads and infrastructures, you will find many statues of Dragons on roads and people have different beliefs about dragons.

Some children love to see cute cartoons like Pink panther , Tom and Jerry etc, however some children , mainly from elder ages, like to see horror and horrific cartoons. For such children we have also included Halloween coloring pages in our collection.

Dragon is considered to be a colorful character with its long tongue and  often  heavily firing mouth. In different Dragon Coloring pages, children love to fill the firing air out of dragon mouth in different colors. For Dragon coloring pages , it is advised that children should use dark colors to fill the body of Dragon keeping in view its massive and hard body, while the background should be kept light in order to bring the character of Dragon in front. In massive animals , you would also love our collection of Elephant coloring pages . so keep enjoying coloring as a favorite pass time and do give us updates about how you find our selection.

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