SpongeBob coloring pages

spongebobSpongeBob is one of the most demanded American Television series while the main idea is to bring the adventures of title character and his partners in the cartoon series. All the activity takes place in Bikini Bottom. The cartoon series started back in May 1999 and has continuously been running from the last 12 years on different cartoon channels like Cartoon Network and Disney Channel and its popularity among children can be observed by the fact that it remained on with its high rankings in Nicktoon’s shows and other cartoon channels.

SpongeBob is a serial with not much interlinking between its different episodes. Most of its episodes describe massive destruction either cause by some natural calamity or human mischievous activities however whenever a new episodes starts, it does not co-relate with the previous episode where so much destruction was done so that the viewers may come to understand as to what happened afterwards.

After having a detailed look at the whereabouts of the character and its popularity, we would be please to bring children to our collection of SpongeBob coloring pages which has been appreciated by children from all around the world. It has been observed that children love to color the coloring pages of those cartoon characters whom they like the most in real like. SpongeBob coloring pages selected in our collection have been designed keeping in view the interest and liking of children. Hopefully you would like our selection and would also visit different other sections in our site for your amusement and interest. A look at Halloween coloring pages and Mickey Mouse coloring pages would definitely be a good idea.