Teddy Bear coloring pages

teddy-bearBear is an  animal directly associated with cuteness and innocence, it has been observed that bear will not attack any body until some one teases him or intrude in his area of Jurisdiction. The word Teddy bear has been derived from the combination of Bear and American President Theodore Roosevelt who had been given the nick name of Teddy and who was very much fond of hunting. He had different adventures in hunting and had so much love for bear that in association people jointed his nick name with bear hence the concept of Teddy Bear arrived.

Teddy bear is a cloth toy stuffed with cotton, cloths or some other soft material and beautifully embellished  with different material and colorful thing which further adds to its beauty. It has mostly been demanded by couples who fell in love and consider Teddy Bear as a symbol of love and friend ship and children also who consider it a source of joy and cuteness. Girls like it more often then boys as it is also a symbol of innocence. Teddy bear is made in many colors and with many different cloth material depending upon the need and occasion where it is to be used however most probably you would find it in white and gray color.

Besides playing with it, children love to color in teddy bear coloring pages. In the collection provided here under , you may fill in different colors to have different looks with teddy bear coloring pages however light colors in body and dark color in background are suggested. To further enhance your coloring experience also visit some of our cute pages like Barbie coloring pages and Puppy coloring pages which have specially designed to add pleasure in coloring experience of children.

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