Dora Coloring Pages

doraThis section bring to you some fascinating Dora coloring pages to you however before you start coloring in your favorite Dora Coloring pages, lets first have a little look at the character and some of its attributes. Dora television cartoon series made its debut in the year 2000 and since more then one decade , has managed to come up in the priority list of children over years. Dora is a character which teaches a lot to children of young age while at the same time entertain them. In every episode of Dora the Explorer, she is on her way to a new adventure which is some times either to resolve some issue or help some body our of the problem. During her trips, Dora always remains positive and do not give up until the resolution of the problem and eventually finds out ways to solve problem no matter how tough the circumstances may be .

The author of the series have not only made a television cartoon series which can entertain the children and could be a good past time for them but through this series they have managed to bring the qualities of endurance, patience and consistency among children. Through out every episode, Dora has to face many hurdles which are created by the opposite characters like Swiper and fox, but even then she never develops any grudge against them and very technically manages all the rival forces. It also teaches the children to remain focus on their target no matter how much challenges they may have to focus.

Dora also has a very positive attitude towards her family and most of his family members like her very much. Some time she may have some contradiction with the family members but most of the time she manages her anger and try to resolve all the issues by discussion.

Dora has become so much popular among children and parents that in recent days one of the most favorite activities of the children is to color in Dora coloring pages. the reason behind it is the that it has a very colorful theme and as the whole cartoon movie has been made with a jungle background , it looks very colorful. We hope that our collection of Dora coloring pages will be liked by children and it will be one of the most favorite past time for children as it not only provides children will pages to color in but also educates them at all levels. Do feel free to visit our different segments like animal coloring pages or Barbie coloring pages which will bring a new pleasure in children’s playing activities.