Star coloring pages

StarStars are some thing away from human reach. This has brought a lot of curiosity in human minds about stars, as to what they are and how they were formed. Different human theories defined stars differently. In different cultures, stars have different myths and people have different beliefs about them. At a very young age children cannot have much idea as to what stars are what is their purpose and what is the logic behind the twinkling of stars in the night. All they can do is they can enjoy the existence of stars and can do different activities related to stars like coloring in Star coloring pages.

One of the very famous poems most often taught in class rooms in Kindergarten is “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” which shows the curiosity in the mind of a kid about a star. He always thinks what it is but cannot get a clear idea expect that up above the world , at some far away distance, star glitters like it’s a diamond. Even unknowingly, star fascinates the children.

Star has got so much importance that it has been used as a evaluate the performance of students in the class room. On the activity board of schools you would find many Star coloring pages further evaluated by one , two or three stars which can either be in Golden or Silver color. Go through our color page selection and you will find some cute Star coloring pages for your interest. You would also be overjoyed to go through some other segments like ninja turtle coloring pages and cat coloring pages and will find them as a very good past time and enjoying activity.