Mario coloring pages

Mario-imageMario is a funny cartoon character introduced in more then 200 video games by the Japanese video game producer Nintendo. Over the period of many years, it has been able to make its place among the favorite cartoon characters and it is due to its funny character , that it has been able to obtain such a popularity among the children of middle age and even teenagers love to play the games with the character of Mario.

The character of Mario , though seems to look like a person with short height and funny face and who is a plumber , yet in the game he is always able to destroy all the plans of Bowser’s notorious plans for kidnapping the Princess peach and during all the process came across many character who always want to destroy his character and defeat him but he stands strong and tall in front of all the evil forces and eventually stays victorious.

Over the period of years Mario has taken a lot of popularity among children and spectators of elder age who love cartoon and video game. in many coloring books of kids, you would find Mario coloring pages which have been included considering the interest of the children in the character of Mario. Other then Mario coloring pages, also bring out some time to visit our other coloring segments like Pink Panther coloring pages and Barbie coloring pages, which will prove educational and amusing experience for kids of all ages.