Lion Coloring Pages

lion-roraingLion is considered as the king of Jungle and has been proved to be the most powerful and vigilant animals found . though animals like elephant have more physical mass and power, yet due to the excessive physical strength and quickness, the lion has a positive edge over all other animals of jungle. Lion comes from the family of cat and in most of the cultures, it is presumed that cat is aunt of lion. Different myths are also associated about cats and loins and their relationship with each other ,however taking a look at both the animals , we can presume that there is some genetically proved  resemblance and relationship between both the animals. In this segment of coloring pages we will be presenting kids with some of the most unique and most demanded Lion coloring pages to add more exposure to their coloring experience while at the same time will include a few colored picture so that kids can use them as an inspiration and could use the same colors to make coloring more realistic.

An average age of  a lion varies from twelve to fifteen years but in certain cases it has been observed that loins can live up to an age of twenty to twenty two years. Most of the existing lions are found in the jungles of Africa and Kenya, however a reasonable number of lions are also found in jungles of different parts of the world specially in zoo’s and artificial farm houses and artificial jungle. Due to excessive hunting and severe weather conditions, the existence of lion is in danger. The need of the time is that we all work together for betterment and existence of this beautiful gift of nature.

Coloring in lion coloring pages and sheets is one of the most exciting and interesting activities for kids. They enjoy the spare time utilizing these pages and do the coloring activities with friends and when alone. Lion coloring pages are fun to color in. children may use the realistic colors to make the impact more real and may use multiple coloring to make pages a little funny and cute. Though most of our segment provide amply good stuff however you will feel jubilated with Hello-Kitty coloring pages and Sonic coloring pages which will further increase the enjoyment of coloring activity.