Ariel Coloring pages

arielAriel is a fictional character and first of all was invented by Alexander pope in his famous poem which got immense popularity among the public masses. As we will be doing coloring activity with Ariel coloring  pages today, it will be beneficial to have a look at the character of Ariel as most of the children do have the coloring experience with Ariel coloring pages, yet they don’t have any real information about the history of the character. In the poem ,Alexander pope described Ariel as a sylph who has been given responsibility to save a beautiful lady from one lord of that time. Though there had been many sylphs but Ariel was given the responsibility for being the protector because of her vigilance and diligence.

Ariel was so vigilant that from some sources she managed to get the information that the girl whom she were to protect will be facing some severe circumstances before the end of the day.  Conceiving the massage from divine sources, Ariel tries her level best to save her from every body . she stays around her but eventually the lord was able to cut one lock from the head of lady whom she was protecting.

The over all story of the poem is very interesting but children can not understand the complex English used in the poem. All they can do is to enjoy coloring with Ariel coloring pages not only in school but also at home. Here we have provided a unique collection of free Ariel coloring pages and sheets for interest and enjoyment. Children can utilize these  pages  in multiple ways and could color multiple copies and compare them with each other to have a better understanding of coloring effects. Also visit our segments like Dinosaur Coloring pages and Hello Kitty to enhance coloring experience.

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