Transportation dot to dot pages.

transportionTransport and Transportation are one of the most important requirements for the human beings. In old ages when there was no concept of planes, cars, truck, motor bikes and bikes, the Transportation from one place to other was very difficult. Often animals like horse, donkey etc were used however they only were able to transfer a limited amount of stuff from one place to the other. Since the invention of engines , and production of vehicles , the life of human beings and animals have become easy. Now a days the journey which took months in old ages can be done in hours with the help of planes, heavy duty loader and trucks are available to deliver any thing , any where and at any time. Cars have made movement very easy not only city to city but also town to town.

Since in this session we are providing kids with Transportation dot to dot pictures , it would be ideal to see the concept of Transport with the eye of a child to see how he feels about vehicles . from the beginning of the child hood , a child develop a strong relationship with vehicles. In most of the cases , there are boys who develop more inclination towards different vehicles then girls. While girls are most concern with dolls like Barbie and Bratz , boys are often more interested in toys of trucks, cars, bulldozers etc and eventually it is boys, who, when get older drive all these vehicles for fun and entertainment.

The purpose here for providing Transportation dot to dot pictures and images is to bring the creativity of children out with the help of something they are massively interested in.  practicing on drawing with the help of dots and merging them together basically provides a child with a path of creative drawing. While doing the activity they start to learn the basics of drawing , and after some time ,themselves become amply trained to draw pictures without any further help. In the Transportation dot to dot segment we are providing children an opportunity to complete the drawing pictures of different transportation vehicles and tools. We hope that the collection given here will prove beneficial for children. Children are also advised to to fill colors in these pages after the completion of picture and share with parents at home and class mates in school. You would also feel excited by visiting our dog dot to dot segment where you can find cute collection of dogs pictures ready to be used for children. so do give us your feed back on Contact Us page, which will help use in improving our collections.