All time favorite Harry Potter Coloring pages

harrypotterOne of the most fascinating and ever loving novel series in the history is none other then Harry potter. The series has achieved highest of popularity and sales volume in an era where people are least interested in reading books. The novel series consists of Seven novels written by J.k. Rowling, and each of the novel has got immense popularity. The novel series got so much popularity among the public that further the concept was developed in the form of movie series and cartoons. Keeping in view the popularity of Harry potter novel series , movies and cartoons , we are , in this session, providing a very unique collection of Harry potter coloring pages for the interest of young kids.

The series has been liked by people from all the ages and different strata’s however, it’s most of the fans are among children of less then 12 years of age. The story revolves around a young boy whose parents were killed in an attack however ,he luckily survived but in coming times ,had to face very brutal attitude from his relatives. He was forced to sleep in the cupboard situated right down the stairs and was to wear the cloths of his cousin.

Spending such miserable time did not made him weak but he took admission in a school where students were used to learn witchcraft and related subjects . Here , in this school, he managed to make two friends Ron and Hermione with whom his friendship went stronger and stronger and  they showed their resolve to stay  together and face any upcoming challenges.

One after one, Harry potter series succeeded in engaging children’s interest in it and over the time proved to be one of the most demanded novel, television and cartoon series. Here under , you would find a unique collection of Harry potter coloring pages for the interest and excitement of young children. you may take multiple printouts of the pages and utilize as per your liking but don’t forget to give us feed back regarding our coloring pages designing and selection. Also feel free to visit other cartoon segments like Superman coloring pages to further enrich your coloring experience.

Enjoyable and printable Kindergarten coloring pages


Childhood is the base of any individual. Before a child practically starts the education , there comes a time when he needs education at a very basic level. This basic level is called Kindergarten, where a child is taught the basics of daily life and education. The importance of kindergarten for a child is the same as foundations for a house. At this stage of education , whatever a child will learn , will stay with him for the rest of his life. Keeping in view it’s importance , here, in this segment ,we will be doing coloring activity with Kindergarten coloring pages. Along with this we will also present some of colorful pictures of school which describes the learning process at kindergarten.

At the level of Kindergarten, the teachers at school usually teach the children about Alphabets, counting, names of animals , pets, numbering and basic mathematical calculations like plus, minus, etc. During this phase of learning , the teachers also try to analyze the attitude and inclination of the child against different subjects and with the help of parents , try to polish their abilities in the area of interest. If both parents and teachers can properly analyze the interest of the children and accordingly encourage and support them , these child can produce amazing results in the coming years. One of the main mistakes parents are making now a days is that despite of bringing out the natural talent and interest of child, they force either their personal thinking or traditional study on the child, as a result of which, the children are never able to produce the require results.

At kindergarten level , parents are advised to choose maximum possible good schooling for children. a few parent usually believe that high school level is much more important then the kindergarten , as at that level a child is supposed to be choosing his future career, however the case is entirely different.  If at kindergarten level , a child does not get the required grooming , for the rest of his life , he will not be able to groom himself. With all the above , its time to bring up the kids with their favorite Kindergarten coloring pages which is a collection of cartoons, numbers, alphabets, and animal coloring pages, making it a loveable coloring choice for children. Do give us feed back about either your like or dislike regarding the coloring pages provided on our site.

Army Coloring Pages for Boys

armyIn today’s world where “Security comes first”, maintaining a strong army is one of the biggest prerequisites of developing a strengthen economy and nation with strong foundations. This segment has specially been  designed for young boys having a very keen and desperate passion towards having a career in army . Keeping in view their passion , we are providing Army coloring pages for kids to color in . Though mostly ,boys get into army, however in preset times females are also getting more and more interest in army and in many country armies, females have a large number of  presence in the armies.

For any nation in today’s competitive world , it is not possible to achieve development in any field without  confirming its security. First any nation should ensure its existence and then can move towards prosperity. It  can be observed apparently by having a look at all the major countries having growth and development . They have first made their boarders secure by developing a strong army and then having security ensured, put utmost effort in economic development to make their nations great.  Most of the times,  parents may have concerns about sending their children in army. In this section , by providing Army coloring pages , we aim at developing the interest of children and understanding for parents that sending their children in army is not that hazardous rather army itself provide a very competitive career for the individuals.

It is due to the brave nature of most of the boys that they take interest in weapons, planes, tanks etc and like to play with weapon toys. One of the other main activities they take interest in is coloring with Army coloring pages. Army is an institution which teaches discipline, owing to which organizations all over the world like to hire retired individuals from the army. The Army coloring pages here  are exclusively designed for children who take interest in army and want to join it. Also go through some of related segments like Airplane coloring pages to increase your coloring experience .

Printable Earth coloring pages

earthEvery human being alive on the planet has two mothers. One from whom he is begotten and the other where he comes after being begotten. This section of the coloring pages discuss this second mother which is often called mother earth. We are providing Earth coloring pages hereunder, however, the more important part is to make young kids realize the importance of earth and deterioration  human beings have already done with it. As kids today ,will be the driving force of tomorrow  , having more exposure towards such things will make them more aware of their responsibilities towards the planet and its survival.

Human beings without earth are nothing. Had there been no earth, the concept of man kind would not have existed. Not only earth provide the basis for existence for human beings but also all the material sources for his survival. All basic things like air, food, raw material for all the human activities is built in earth and human beings have been involved by nature in such a way that the overall activity on the planet is on the move. If we analyze , we would come to know that human beings are playing a very minor role in the overall development. Most of the raw material is already provided by nature in earth whereas what all humans are doing, is that they are processing this stuff to fulfill their need and requirement.

Though most of the things going on earth by human beings are good for development and prosperity, however  some of the resources provided by mother earth have been misused by humans. Technology and energy have been utilized for destruction rather then construction purposes. World wars have caused such a havoc whose influence will remain for centuries. Pollution in the air is increasing day by day causing more and more disease . Though it would be very tough for the young kids to realize all these matters at such an early age, however with the passage of time they will be able to analyze and understand what their responsibilities towards mother earth are. For the time being, they can get more exposure about earth by coloring in Earth coloring pages.  we have included a very beautiful and exclusive selection of earth coloring pages along with some amazing pictures for the interest of children.

Printable Holiday coloring pages for School going kids

holiday-picturesIt has been observed that human beings, after having consistent physical or mental working , needs relaxation and break for a certain period of time to refresh , rejuvenate and restore the physical as well as mental energies which they need to restart their working.  If they do not get this time, severe consequences start to arrive. One of the major source of this recreation is holidays. Holidays takes a person away from the hectic routine and play a very vital role in human life. For school going children, holiday is just like wave of cool breeze. It gives them a chance to play, have fun with other children and stay away from class room for a particular time. Keeping in view the importance of holidays, in this session , we are to do coloring activity with Holiday coloring pages. Along with these coloring pages , we have included a very beautiful collection of pictures which will prove inspirational for young kids while they are coloring. They can get the coloring ideas from these pictures and utilize them further in filling colors.

People having different frame of mind utilize the holidays according to their own thinking and ways. A few people believe that holidays should be utilized by taking complete physical and mental rest. This can be done by staying at home and doing nothing. The others believe that in order to break the consistent impact of indoors , one should utilize holidays by moving to hill stations and by going on picnic at some lively place which will help in breaking the shell one is lying in.

No matter how any individual may celebrate the holidays, for children coloring in holiday coloring pages is a unique activity , which can make their free times more full of fun and enjoyment. Even of Saturdays and Sundays, when they are away from school, they  love the coloring activity with Holiday coloring pages. for further relaxation of your muscles , visit Spring time sheets and flower coloring page which will help  in restoring the energies in your body and soul.

Sports coloring pages for children

sports-mainHealth is one of the main prerequisites so far as living and maintaining a healthy living is concern. There are many parameters which can be adopted in striving to have a healthy body , mind and soul. Good food,  clean water and air, tension free environment are a few of these parameters which can keep you fit and healthy for longer time. Sports , however , also play a vital role in keeping one healthy and physically fit. Keeping in view the importance of sports and its positive impact on the physique and mental abilities of children, and in order to make them realize its importance, in this section we are providing children with their all time favorite Sports coloring pages.

In today’s busy lives, not only for elders, but also children, do not have ample time out of their routine lives to play any kind of sports. Due to this factor, the health of most of us suffers a lot and with the passage of time, the immunity in us start to decrease and we fell prey of viral diseases. In order to develop the importance of sports in the mind of young children, here under we have brought number of Sports coloring pages.  these coloring pages include both the indoor sports and outdoor sports.  For those people who do not find time for activities related to sports out side their home, indoor games are suggested . These indoor games include table tennis , lawn tennis, badminton , swimming etc.

Throughout the world , there is a mass population which is fan of different sports. Football, baseball and soccer are a few games which have massive number of fans waiting for their events to be conducted.  We see that thousands of spectators gather whenever any major event from these sports is conducted. In some of the events, it has also been observed that sever fights have taken place between the spectators of rival competitors however, it should be kept in mind that sports should be taken as a positive activity and with a certain level of sportsmanship.

Though playing any favorite sports is a healthy activity for children, however, children as well as the parents should take a lot of care while playing, as there can be the possibility of severe injuries  during the playing process. If some parents feel that its not good for the child to play around which may harm him , the other option can be coloring with Sports coloring pages. though this activity will not be fulfilling the gap a child would feel due to not participating in the sports, however , somehow it will bring contentment and composure to children . it is also recommended that children should visit some other related pages like football coloring pages for their further interest and gaining more coloring exposure.

Thomas the tank engine coloring pages

thomas-the-tank-engineThomas the tank engine is a unique concept. Combining the concept of an engine having a colorful body and a cute face is unique. It is because of the cuteness of the character that children love to see the cartoon series as well as love to color in Thomas the tank  engine coloring pages. The red and blue color makes a winning combination for the overall appearance in the cartoon character. Though the  idea of the series has its roots back in 1917, when  its idea came into the mind Wilbert Awdry who further discussed it with his son and with this consistent development ,the concept of Thomas the tank engine and Thomas the tank engine coloring pages reached the current level of popularity.

Since 1917, the television series has been in the process of getting more and more popularity , and started to get more appreciation after its debut on England’s television channels back in 1984. After attaining popularity in the United Kingdom , the cartoon series got viral and children from all around the world liked the concept of Thomas the tank engine. In America, the cartoon series was on air in 1989 following its way to Canada and other parts of the world. Currently, the latest version of the series is running with the name of Thomas & Friends which has also got immense response in public masses.

The concept was appreciated through out the world not only by children but by the parents as well. Just like character of Winnie the pooh, Thomas the tank engine  is also a very unique and cute idea and due to its innocent characteristics, has been liked by children of every age.  Children have developed so much liking that after some time , coloring books containing Thomas the tank engine coloring pages , were introduced in the market and the response from children was great. Keeping in view the children’s liking for the character, in this section we are providing kids with Thomas the tank engine coloring pages. In order to get some relevant coloring exposure , you may also visit Train coloring pages to increase your interest in coloring and drawing activity.

Shark coloring pages for all ages

big mouth sharkSpeaking in an overall manner, though cute and funny apparently, shark is a dangerous water animal and has not been proven friendly to human beings and specially those who try to disturb it deep in the waters. Owing to its dangerous nature, divers have to remain very careful when dealing with the sharks and have to take all the precautionary measures before engaging it in any sort of activity. By advising the all above , we don’t intent to persuade children for becoming sea divers but to inform our children regarding shark and provide them with Shark coloring pages . for children doing coloring in Shark coloring pages is fun and a treat to enjoy however it is suggested emphatically that coloring activity should not only be for the purpose of coloring but some learning activity should also be there in order to enhance the learning and exposure regarding the subject.

Shark has a wide number of species and according to one estimate there are more then four hundred different types of sharks. Due to consistent deterioration in the waters of seas owing to oil pollution, which is caused by the leakage of oil from many different oil containing ship accidents in the open sea, the species of shark is in danger and often we hear the news of many sharks dying of water pollution.

Sharks are also very famous or their entertainment. In many parts of the world, sharks are tamed for different shows where they perform different stunts. This also shows a close interaction which is possible between sharks and human beings. Children take a lot of interest in such events and often watch such shows on sports channels.

Shark is the beauty of sea and shark coloring pages are fun to color in . in order to preserve this animal , efforts at international level should be made to preserve the animal and every effort should be made for its survival. Coloring in Shark coloring pages is also one of these activities we believe , which will help to keep the image of shark alive in the minds of people. Do visit some of our relevant sections like Fish coloring pages which will further add pleasure in your coloring activity.

Printable Airplane coloring pages

airplaneOne of the most wonderful and amazing developments human beings have made  in twentieth century is the invention of the airplane. With this invention , the whole outlook and way of living for human being has changed and it has brought a dramatic change in human lives.  With the arrival of an ultimately fast and reasonably secure way of traveling , the world has shrunk to a global village and people are now no more afraid of journeys from one country to the other spanning over a time period of days and months. With the invention of airplane , the same distance can now be managed in hours and minutes. Considering the importance of airplane, in this segment we will be providing kids with a wonderful and admirable collection of airplane coloring pages. hopefully your friends in school would get impressed once they will have a look at the collection you have for airplane coloring pages.

In prior to starting our activity with today’s collection , let use explain in some detail to you about the invention , importance and development made in airplanes  in recent times and we shell see how much importance they have got in recent times. Now a days , with plane manufacturing companies like Boeing and Airbus , moving a mass of public from one place to other has become effortless. Recently with the arrival of airplanes like Boeing 747 and Airbus A380 , it has been made possible to carry more then 600 passengers at a time in a plane from one location to the other very easily. Airlines from all over the globe are  operating in all the parts of the world hence travel has become very easy in present times.

Not only for transportation of people , but in these days, many logistics companies are using planes specially designed for carrying massive loads from one place to other. Fighter planes is also one of types associated with the security of any country or nation. In last twenty years , the development and growth in fighter plane category has been immense and with the help of current available technology, more and more advanced forms of fighter planes are being manufactured.

With all the introduction and detail , its times for kids to have a go with their all time favorite airplane coloring pages and airplane coloring sheets. Hereunder, you will find a wide collection of different planes used for different purpose now a days.  you can select pages out of these as per your liking and make them beautiful by utilizing your coloring skills. Also feel free to visit other pages like Transportation dot to dot coloring pages and Truck pages for further enhancing your exposure about traveling.

Peace coloring pages for cute children

peace-logoPeace is some thing people are mostly talking about. Perhaps now a days the most demanded among all the commodities is nothing but peace. Peace on international boarders, peace between ethnic powers and peace in society , community and world over.  Keeping in view its importance, in this section , we are bringing a very cool collection of Peace coloring pages for our kids to color in . though apparently , you would feel it as a regular activity aimed at providing children with pages to color in and hence managing a good past time, however, the aim is a little superior then this. The purpose behind providing kids with Peace coloring pages is to make them realize the importance of peace in current times. We hope that parents as well as teachers, while doing the coloring activity with the provided pages, will explain the importance of peace to kids hence making them realize what role they will have to play in coming times to make world a better and peaceful place to live.

Defining the word peace, it comes from tolerance. Tolerance in society about each other’s way of thinking,  behavior, religion, human rights, and trying to give whatever rights a person may have on you without being rude , pettish and petulant.  Now a days , throughout the world we find there is a lack of tolerance not only among individuals and societies, but also at International level. Many countries have conflict among themselves on different issues and solutions are getting pending and prolonged.

Children are the builders of tomorrow. By providing them with Peace coloring pages, we put first step towards training them in having tolerance and a sense of respect for every individual and his point of view. Though they themselves are innocent and peace loving, it is elders who have to learn from children the lesson of peace. They play around , often may get into quarrel with each other , however  very soon they start to patch-up and regain the same friendship again.  If the same psychological thinking can be implemented world over, developing peace shell not be a big deal and peace coloring pages will prove to be a land mark in starting to build the minds of kids towards a happy and peaceful planet. You can also visit other pages on this site like  flower coloring pages  and Butterfly images ,  specially designed to develop the minds of children towards the learning while coloring.