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Birthday is the day which holds a lot of importance in a persons life. It also holds importance for any person’s relatives, friends, colleagues ect.  Celebrating the birthday of any individual shows that people give him importance and he holds respect in the eye of his those people who are near to him in any respect . Different people have different point of view about either birthday  should be celebrated or not. Some people believe that it should be celebrated because it’s an occasion when you can communicate to a loved one how much he has contributed towards adding life in your daily routine. Others go entirely on the opposite side. They believe that the celebrations should not be made because it also is a harbinger of decay and communicates that 1 year has passed out of total years in a person’s life.

Every person has the right of speech and can have different idea about Birthday, however what we are concerned about , is Birthday coloring pages and coloring activity for children.  No matter what is the importance of this day for elders, children are always ready to celebrate  and participate in any one’s birthday. For them it’s an occasion to be enjoyed at its best without getting involved into the technicalities.

Birthday celebrations are made according to the age and taste of a person. There is a change in the way an elder person celebrates his birthday and a child whose parents are celebrating for him. Most of the times , its an occasion typically organized for the pleasure and enjoyment of children. They wear different sort of hats, make funny faces, give gifts to the individual whose birthday is being celebrated, laugh and chat.

Balloons are also an integral part of the celebrations.  Often hanged with roof, they make the whole celebration a delight. Other decoration material is also used to make the overall environment more and more colorful, cheerful and enjoyable. When all the friends gather together, the cake is presented for cutting. Everybody congratulates and party goes on.

In today’s busy and hectic life , such activities are rare . when there is no birthday party, children can enjoy the same pleasure by coloring in Birthday coloring pages and sheets. It will bring same joy and pleasure which you may have, while you are in the party. In today’s session , we have provided a unique selection of Birthday coloring pages for enjoyment of children and their parents. Coloring becomes delight when both parents and children sit together and do the activity. Those people having interest in Birthday coloring pages will , hopefully, be having interest in some of our other segments like Teddy Bear coloring pages and Dog coloring sheets which also will increase your exposure towards coloring.

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