Kid’s all time favorite Elmo coloring pages

elmo-mainOut of many characters getting fame from the evergreen children series Sesame Street, one of the most demanded and famous characters is Elmo ,which has, over a period of time , got immense popularity due to its innocence, outlook and cuteness to the extent that most of the older puppets like Big Bird and cookie monster have lost their fame in comparison to it and has now become the number one choice of majority of children. Keeping in view children’s liking for their favorite character, we are providing them with Elmo coloring pages for school and home usage.

While discussing as to how Elmo managed to get so much popularity among other characters , the reason comes out is the design of the character which has been made so innocent that it resembles the personality of an innocent child with having no wickedness and arrogance in it and is open and friendly to every body. The character of Elmo is supposed to teach children lessons regarding social life in an entertaining way. Not only social matters but also children’s education is depicted by Elmo in a very friendly manner as a result of which , the massage is conveyed in a sugar coated manner. The character of Elmo speaks in the third person form which makes it a unique character as no other cartoon character has ever been seen before it using such kind of language. Due to this language structure , the effectiveness in the dialogues has increased and no other character holds such effectiveness in it.

Other then Sesame Street, the character of Elmo has appeared in many social panels and has supported many causes. Wherever there has been a requirement of effective voice, Elmo has contributed and the crew members of Sesame Street have shown their courtesy towards different causes by allowing the character to participate in different social programs of human welfare. Having said the all above , now is the time to start our coloring activity with Elmo coloring pages . children will be elated to do coloring in Elmo coloring pages as per their desire and enjoy the multiple colored copies to share with their parents  and friends. They can also put these colored pages in their living room to show their love and concern about the character. Also feel free to move around on our site to see what kind of pages suits best for your interest ,however we suggest Birds coloring pages and Bugs Bunny coloring pages for your amusement in coloring.

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