Peace coloring pages for cute children

peace-logoPeace is some thing people are mostly talking about. Perhaps now a days the most demanded among all the commodities is nothing but peace. Peace on international boarders, peace between ethnic powers and peace in society , community and world over.  Keeping in view its importance, in this section , we are bringing a very cool collection of Peace coloring pages for our kids to color in . though apparently , you would feel it as a regular activity aimed at providing children with pages to color in and hence managing a good past time, however, the aim is a little superior then this. The purpose behind providing kids with Peace coloring pages is to make them realize the importance of peace in current times. We hope that parents as well as teachers, while doing the coloring activity with the provided pages, will explain the importance of peace to kids hence making them realize what role they will have to play in coming times to make world a better and peaceful place to live.

Defining the word peace, it comes from tolerance. Tolerance in society about each other’s way of thinking,  behavior, religion, human rights, and trying to give whatever rights a person may have on you without being rude , pettish and petulant.  Now a days , throughout the world we find there is a lack of tolerance not only among individuals and societies, but also at International level. Many countries have conflict among themselves on different issues and solutions are getting pending and prolonged.

Children are the builders of tomorrow. By providing them with Peace coloring pages, we put first step towards training them in having tolerance and a sense of respect for every individual and his point of view. Though they themselves are innocent and peace loving, it is elders who have to learn from children the lesson of peace. They play around , often may get into quarrel with each other , however  very soon they start to patch-up and regain the same friendship again.  If the same psychological thinking can be implemented world over, developing peace shell not be a big deal and peace coloring pages will prove to be a land mark in starting to build the minds of kids towards a happy and peaceful planet. You can also visit other pages on this site like  flower coloring pages  and Butterfly images ,  specially designed to develop the minds of children towards the learning while coloring.