Thomas the tank engine coloring pages

thomas-the-tank-engineThomas the tank engine is a unique concept. Combining the concept of an engine having a colorful body and a cute face is unique. It is because of the cuteness of the character that children love to see the cartoon series as well as love to color in Thomas the tank  engine coloring pages. The red and blue color makes a winning combination for the overall appearance in the cartoon character. Though the  idea of the series has its roots back in 1917, when  its idea came into the mind Wilbert Awdry who further discussed it with his son and with this consistent development ,the concept of Thomas the tank engine and Thomas the tank engine coloring pages reached the current level of popularity.

Since 1917, the television series has been in the process of getting more and more popularity , and started to get more appreciation after its debut on England’s television channels back in 1984. After attaining popularity in the United Kingdom , the cartoon series got viral and children from all around the world liked the concept of Thomas the tank engine. In America, the cartoon series was on air in 1989 following its way to Canada and other parts of the world. Currently, the latest version of the series is running with the name of Thomas & Friends which has also got immense response in public masses.

The concept was appreciated through out the world not only by children but by the parents as well. Just like character of Winnie the pooh, Thomas the tank engine  is also a very unique and cute idea and due to its innocent characteristics, has been liked by children of every age.  Children have developed so much liking that after some time , coloring books containing Thomas the tank engine coloring pages , were introduced in the market and the response from children was great. Keeping in view the children’s liking for the character, in this section we are providing kids with Thomas the tank engine coloring pages. In order to get some relevant coloring exposure , you may also visit Train coloring pages to increase your interest in coloring and drawing activity.

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