Printable Earth coloring pages

earthEvery human being alive on the planet has two mothers. One from whom he is begotten and the other where he comes after being begotten. This section of the coloring pages discuss this second mother which is often called mother earth. We are providing Earth coloring pages hereunder, however, the more important part is to make young kids realize the importance of earth and deterioration  human beings have already done with it. As kids today ,will be the driving force of tomorrow  , having more exposure towards such things will make them more aware of their responsibilities towards the planet and its survival.

Human beings without earth are nothing. Had there been no earth, the concept of man kind would not have existed. Not only earth provide the basis for existence for human beings but also all the material sources for his survival. All basic things like air, food, raw material for all the human activities is built in earth and human beings have been involved by nature in such a way that the overall activity on the planet is on the move. If we analyze , we would come to know that human beings are playing a very minor role in the overall development. Most of the raw material is already provided by nature in earth whereas what all humans are doing, is that they are processing this stuff to fulfill their need and requirement.

Though most of the things going on earth by human beings are good for development and prosperity, however  some of the resources provided by mother earth have been misused by humans. Technology and energy have been utilized for destruction rather then construction purposes. World wars have caused such a havoc whose influence will remain for centuries. Pollution in the air is increasing day by day causing more and more disease . Though it would be very tough for the young kids to realize all these matters at such an early age, however with the passage of time they will be able to analyze and understand what their responsibilities towards mother earth are. For the time being, they can get more exposure about earth by coloring in Earth coloring pages.  we have included a very beautiful and exclusive selection of earth coloring pages along with some amazing pictures for the interest of children.

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