Giraffe Coloring pages for Home and School

 gerrafieAmong different animals , there are some which are distinguished on basis of their physique and some on the basis of their attributes. Giraffe is one of the animals, which holds a lot of interest among children and teenagers due to their physical characters and out look. Giraffe is world tallest mammal and in its structure, is the most different among other animals . Giraffe is found in many parts of the world, where either they exist naturally, or are taken by humans ,however the most populated area for them is the Eastern and Central Africa , where they are found in large numbers and these are the areas which have managed to protect the existence of this species. Here under, you will find a beautiful collection of  Giraffe coloring pages which we have designed for the interest of children and these will surely amuse them once they will do the coloring activity utilizing them but before this, lets have a look at the life and specs of this animal in some detail

An average height of a Giraffe can be five to six meters tall in height and an average weight from 800 to 1300 kg’s. Thanks to its physical structure with long legs up to 2 meters which help it in running up to the speeds of sixty kilometer per hour in conditions where they feels threat  from outer world. Also the legs are stretchable sideways which enable it to drink water from earth. Drinking water is not much of a problem for the animal as it can sustain without water for many days like camels. Their long neck is beneficial in making them enable to eat leaves from tall trees and also take a look around towards animals trying to attack it.

Behavior wise , Giraffe is one of the most noble and peace loving animals but once it gets trouble from either its own fellows or some other animal, it can be fearless and dangerous with its ability to hit very strongly with its neck. They live in groups and fully support each other in every respect of their lives. After having a look at the life and specs , lets begin our activity with Giraffe coloring pages. You would definitely enjoy our collection  and would love to see other collections like Loin coloring pages and Horse coloring pages to enhance your coloring exposure.