Cute Chicken coloring pages

chicken-1The most populated bird on earth is none other then chicken. It has been estimated that at any given time , on earth, there can be more then 30 billion of chicken present , which is more then 4 times of human population on the earth.  Through these figures , we can understand that how much humans like to have this bird as their food and how much of the chicken is being consumed through out the world. Unlike other animals, the meat of chicken is eaten in almost all parts of the world and according to area and eating trends, it is eaten in different forms.  For some people having the meat of chicken with spices added in it is more attracting , while for the others boiled meat is more healthy and nutritious. Children like all sort of dishes prepared with chicken meat however some of the most demanded foods by them is Chicken burger, nuggets, and fried pieces. With this we are not going to present some recipes of chicken but a cute collection of Chicken coloring pages so that children can utilize them at home and at school with their friends in coloring activities.

With its increasing popularity, the chicken breeding has become one of the biggest industries in the world and companies doing business in this trade are making bucks . food chains like McDonald’s and Hardee’s have to consistently go under different experiments to keep their menu’s updated to meat the rising demand of chicken meat lovers.

The breeding of chicken can be done in two ways. One is the traditional way where a Chicken has to sit on eggs for a specific period of time ensuring consistent heat provision to its eggs and after a period of 21 days the egg shells are broken and baby chickens come out of it . The other method is more scientific and popular now a days.  In this method, the eggs are heated through electronic heaters for a certain period of time which result in reproduction of the chicken from eggs.

Though chicken is the most utilized meat on earth , however many diseases are also associated with this bird. One of the most common is bird flue , which ,if spread at large , play havoc with millions of chickens and people get influenced by it at large hence during the flue spread , avoid eating chicken and whenever it should be used, it should first be fully cocked before being sent of dinning table. With a brief discussion on the subjects, lets start the coloring activity and provide our beloved kids with Chicken coloring pages so they can enjoy having good time with coloring activity.   Some of other related segments are Cow coloring pages and Shark coloring pages , which are recommended for you to visit and enjoy the coloring experience along with increasing your knowledge on subjects.