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Over the period of time, children’s interest has been shifted from typical cartoon series which were continued from decades on televisions  to new and more improved cartoon series with better graphics and stories new to them.  This conversion was the result of the non changing stories of the old cartoon series where you would always find one action hero who always fight against the evil forces and eventually wins and in every episode the same pattern is followed which was making children feel bore as they felt that each episode is identical to the previous one hence when new cartoon series were launched , they took special interest in them . one of the cartoon series which has gain a massive level of popularity is Bakugan which has given some best seasons .Now we will start our coloring session with Bakugan coloring pages and will provide some pictures of the cartoon series, however before we start our coloring activity , lets have a look at the cartoon series and some of attributes associated with it.

So far Bakugan has produced 4 seasons and all of them have got good popularity in children. The Bakugan series was first produced in Japan , however , it was not able to get much popularity in Japan hence after wards, its launch was done in United States and Canada where it got so much popularity that its upcoming seasons were launched only in United States and Canada. Battle Brawlers, New Vertroia, Gundalian Invaders, and Mechtanium Surge are four season we already have seen  and all of them have got popularity one after the other.

Bakugan’s popularity further increased with the arrival of Bakugan Games , which is now getting even more popular then the cartoon series itself. Here a fresh and newly designed collection of Bakugan coloring pages is being presented. You can take print outs and enjoy coloring with friends . in order to further improve our working, we would appreciate you feed back on our Contact Us Pages where we always welcome your suggestion to make our collection better.

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